8.00 to 9.00hs. Congress Registration.

9.00hs.- Congress opening, welcome words from Dr. Osvaldo Pepa (IVWCOOT President).

9.10hs. Welcome words from Dr. Raúl Matera (AMAOO President).

9.20hs. Welcome words from Dr. Eduardo Lis (Argentina).

9.30hs.- Possibilities of medical ozone. Dr. Marco Leonardi (Italy)

9.45hs.- Is ozone conditioning effect linked to the NRF2 /ARE pathway? An Ongoing Study. Dr. Lamberto Re (Italy)

10.00hs.- Cerebrospinal fluid nitric oxide metabolites are novel predictors of pain relief in degenerative lumbar diseases with spinal stenosis. Dr. Alberto Alexandre Italy)

10.15hs.- Chronic inflammatory processes and the low-dose ozone concept based on the international guidelines of medical ozone. Dra. Renate Viebahn. (Germany).

10.30hs. Questions and discussion


11.30hs.- Herniated disc unchanged over the time: Size reduced after oxygen ozone therapy Dr. Matteo Bonetti (Italy)

11.45hs.- Treatment of symptomatic spinal degenerative pathologies by means of combined conservative biochemical treatments. Experimental Protocol of Milan University.  Dr. Alberto Alexandre (Italy)

12.00hs.- Why we think in PRP and oxygen ozone therapy for intervertebral disc disease?. Dra. Ángeles Erario (Argentina)

12.15hs.- Evaluation of the treatmen of chronic intervertebral disc heniation with oxygen ozone and PRP. Dr. Aníbal Grangeat (Argentina)

12.30hs.- Treatment for radicular compression experience of 492 cases in Bolivia. Dr. Ramiro Alvarado (Bolivia)

12.45hs.- Report of results of treatment of disc herniation with lateral epiduran infiltration ozone. Dr. Walter Andrade (Ecuador)

13.00hs. Questions and discussion

13.20hs. LUNCH

14.30hs.- Guideline for the treatment of non-rheumatic pathology of the locomotor: rachis. Dr. Alberto Alexandre (Italy)

14.45hs.- Guideline for the treatment of peripheral not rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases. Dr. José Baeza Noci (España)

15.00hs.- Oxygen-ozone treatment of partial motor weakness fue nerve root compression at levels L3-S1. Dr. Marco Leonardi (Italy)

15.15hs.- Spondilodiscitis treated by ozone therapy. Experience of 16 cases. Dr. Ramiro Alvarado (Bolivia)

15.30hs.- Ozone therapy isn´t only herniated disc. Dr. Matteo Bonetti (Italy)

15.45hs.- Nucleolysis with O2O3 for herniated disc: prescriptions, results and consideration after 10 years. Dr. Gabriel Calle (Argentina)

16.00hs. Questions and discussion


16.45hs.-  The study of ozone therapy effects in lumbo sacral pain disorders. Dr. Tiron Stefan (Romania)

17.00hs.- Clinical Management of Sacroilitis with Ozone Injections A 100 cases Study. Dr. Froylan Alvarado Güemez (Mexico)

17.15hs.- Ozone in Penumbra of ischemic cerebrovascular attacks. Dr. Víctor Pereyra (Argentina)

17.30hs.- Marked improvement in children with cerebral paralisys after rectal insufflation with ozone. Dr. Walter Andrade (Ecuador)

17.45hs.- Scar reduction under Ozone Therapy . Dr. Gerd Wasser (Germany)

18.00hs. Questions and discussion



09.00hs.- Video conference: ozone and oenology. Alessandro Cellai (Castellare di Castellina´s director)

09.15hs.- Ozone in rotator cuff injury that didn´t respond to medical treatment and physioterapy. Dr. Carlos Aymale (Argentina)

09.30hs.- Treatment with intraarticular ozone in hip osteoarthritis. Dr. Augusto Miranda (Argentina).

09.45hs.- Application of Ozone Therapy in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis.  Dra. Silvia Menendez Cepero (Cuba)

10.00hs.- O3 therapy for post herpetic neuralgia. Dr. Heinz Konrad (Brazil)

10.15hs. Questions and discussion


11.00hs.- Homotoxicology and ozone therapy as bio-regulatory therapeutic tools in integrative medicine. Dr. Arturo O´Byrne-Delvadenebro (Argentina)

11.15hs.- The administration of ozone subcutaneously in minimun doses.  Dra. Susana Esperanza (Argentina)

11.30hs.Measurement Technology of the biological effects of ozone by bioresonance. Metatlon System. Dr. Juan Carlos Bezzato (Argentina)

11.45hs.- Paradigm shift in focus of patient with arthritis. Combined treatment with ozone and biological medicine. Dra. Liliana Schejtman (Argentina)

12.00hs.- Indications, contraindications and side effects of ozone autohemotherapy, multicenter study.  Dr. Vinicio Relevant (Venezuela)

12.15hs. Questions and discussion

12.30hs. LUNCH

14.30hs.- Ozone Therapy in Phlebology. Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez (Argentina)

14.45hs.- Large and deep Diabetic Plantar Ulcer associated with osteomyelitis need not lead to Amputation with the aim of topic ozone. Dra. Claudia Cardoso (Italy)

15.00hs.- Oxygen ozone therapy in the tretament of psoriasis. Dra. Roxana Dodino (Argentina)

15.15hs.- LES and Ozone Therapy. Dra. Viviana Choco Oliver (Bolivia)

15.30hs.- Ozone therapy in Urology. Dr. Eduardo Garcia Villanueva (Mexico)

15.45hs.- The increase of treatment´s efficacy of duodenal ulcer in patients aged 40-50 years. Dr. Alex Bulat (Republic of Moldova)

16.00hs. Questions and discussion


16.45hs.- Estimation of different ozone doses action on rats liver oxidoreductases state. Dr. Andrew Martusevich (Rusia)

17.00hs.- The use of ozone therapy in ischemic heart disease and bronchial astma (clinical results and life quality effect).  Dra. Claudia Kontorshchikova (Russia)

17.15hs.- Influence of the combined therapy with ozone usage on the inmune response in patients with uteri myoma and endometrial cancer during postoperative period. Dra. Claudia Kontorshchikova (Russia)

17.30hs.- Ozone technology in otorhinolaryngology. Dra. Tatiana Barkhotkina (Ukraine)

17.45hs.- Our experience in the treatment of sensorineural hearing impairment using PRP with ozone. Dra. Tatiana Barkhotkina (Ukraine)

18.00hs.- Adjuvant local ozonetherapy for the treatment of panatrium.  Dr. V. Knyazev (Russia)


9.00hs.-Effect of combined application of ozone therapy and millimeter wave therapy on the clinical course of the postoperative period after operations on the jaws in infection. Prof. Dr. Evgenia Durnovo (Rusia)

9.20hs.-When ozone becomes a complement of modern odontology  Dr. Jerónimo Tessier (Argentina)

9.40hs.-Endodontic therapy improved by ozonetherapy. Pr. Dr. Carlos Nogales (Brasil)

10.00hs.- Endodontic treatment complemented with ozone. Dra. Lorena Pendola (Chile)


10.30hs.- Ozonotherapy combined in the treatment of the adult’s periodontitis, subtype i and ii.  Prof. Dra. Judit Martínez Abreu (Cuba)

10.45hs.- Safety during the treatment with ozone in dental clinic.Prof. Dra. Judit Martínez Abreu (Cuba)

11.00hs.- Ozonizated olive oil. Dra. Nora Bazzano (Argentina)

11.20hs. Odontology: Questions and discussion

Simposio Medicina Veterinaria

- Generalidades de la ozonoterapia, vías de aplicación y  dosis. Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Toxicological Aspects of Ozone Therapy. Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Estrés oxidativo en medicina veterinaria y potencialidades de la ozonoterapia. Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Scientific basis of ozone (ozonated oil and water) as an adjuvant in bad wound healing. Dra. Claudia Cardoso (Italy)

- Effects of topical use of ozone on saline solution in skin wound induced experimentally in equines. Dr. R.P. Soares (Brazil)

- Treatment of clinical mastitis in bovine by prototheca sp. through ozone therapy. Dra. Livia Helena Moreira (Brazil)

- Ozone Therapy in equine septic  arthritis  . Clinical Trials. Dr. Germán Viglino (Argentina)

- Ozone therapy in equine traumatology . Clinical Trials. Dr. Germán Viglino (Argentina)

- Systemic Ozone therapy, clinical experiences in equines. Applications of ozone therapy in the breading farm.  Dr. Germán Viglino (Argentina)

- Ozone thearpy in gynecology in broodmare. Dra. Mariela Heredia

- Aesthetic Medicine using  ozonetherapy  in a paniculopatía of the neck of Spanish Horse.  Dra.Tania Zelledón Díaz (Costa Rica)

- Ozonotherapy in small animals. Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Ozone as inmunomodulator in veterinary medicine. Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Dog – . Dr. J de Carvalho Zanotelli

- Endotoxicosis correction by blood extracorporal processing with ozone in early postreanimational period. Dr. Sergey Peretyaguin (Russia)

- Intervertebral disc disease in  dog treated with ozone. Dra.Tania Zelledón Díaz (Costa Rica)

- Ozone Oxidative Preconditioning, use in cardiology.  Dra. Barone Andrea (Argentina)

- Ozonated oil fluid. Properties and uses in veterinary medicine.  Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Therapeutic effects of andirobaozonizated oil on healing process of cutaneous wounds in wistar rats line. Dr. Vinicius Ricardo Cuña de Souza (Brazil)

- Cutaneous capillary hemangioma in an Equine fetlock,  treated with ozonetherapie clinical case. Dra. Tania Zelledón (Costa Rica)

- Precondicionamiento oxidativo con Ozono como modulador de la liberación de IL 1 y FNT en el modelo de sepsis peritoneal en ratas.  Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Ozonoterapia como agente preventivo y su efecto en combinación con antibióticos en el choque séptico . Dra. Zullyt Zamora Rodríguez (Cuba)

- Topical application of ostrich (struthiocameluslinnaeus, 1758) ozonizated oil and iguana wound (Iiguanalinnaeus, 1758): case report. 26Dr. Vinicius Ricardo Cuña de Souza (Brazil)

- Estimation of different ozone doses action on rats liver oxidoreductases state. Dr. Andrew Martusevich (Russia)


*el programa es orientativo y puede sufrir modificaciones.

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  3. David Franco says:

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